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Fjernhealing pga. mistanke om kræft

WOW!! I really must say I do feel "energized" and clarified! Thank-you for the 'energy work".

To say points of work were blocked and the 'flow' disrupted would be putting it mildly. The tailbone is not so much a problem in that it causes any pain, but I joke about having had a "tail" because it really does look unusually large at the last vertabrae, fell rollerskating years ago, went down hard! But recovered after a month.
I find it amazing also that you started to sense the problems were manifesting in the "head or the brain" if the seat of much consciousness is there also. That would be a very damaged and overburdened part of my problems...(emotional) so I feel like what you did made a difference in opening up and clearing out that!
My perceptions are clearer and the fears that held me in a fog are eased. I am also coming to the clarification that I don't want to have invasive surgery done.
Am I making any sense? I´m typing as my mind is trying to understand how to explain how different I feel from the work you did. Like a window opening and letting in fresh air and bright sunlight. It´s alot to think about absorb and process. But incredibly exciting and invigorating.

Thank-you so much! I am still waiting on the Dr. to hear what he says he interprets the x-rays and cat scans, blood work etc.
I will be in contact with (navn udeladt) to let her know how the as she put it "kick ass healing'' was connecting.

Blessings and love.
Fjernhealing - mistanke om kræft
Marjie G., USA
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